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Students Are More Than Their Grades

As the parent of a rising senior in high school, I appreciate hearing the perspective of other students who are about to start applying to college (“Under Pressure,” Aug. 23, page 12). It is, in fact, a time of intense pressure — for students and parents alike.

Because the article focuses on teen mental health, I was surprised that it included the GPAs of the featured students. That number is in many ways a primary source of stress (along with and SAT and ACT score) — a basis of comparison between one student and the next. To include the GPAs of the students seems to go against the message of the article. Perhaps the choice that the DJN made in including the GPAs shows just how persistent measurements like this are even when we are trying to emphasize that as parents and as a community we believe our children are more than their grades.

Robin Rosenbaum Rubenstein

West Bloomfield

The Case For Making Iran’s Bad Year Worse

Regarding the Aug. 23 letter in the JN, “Should Iran’s Bad Year Be Made Even Worse?” (page 5).


Should Iran obtain and use the bomb, absolute and “terrible suffering” would certainly be inflicted on the people of Iran.

Iran’s government is not only “anti-Semitic and militantly anti-Israel,” it is blatantly anti-American.

Iran’s government is the world’s foremost incubator and implementor of worldwide terror.

The Allies “deliberately inflicted terrible suffering” on the Axis people during World War II to destroy those regimes.

The Iranian people installed and supported their “current regime.”

Hopefully, the terrible suffering of economic hardship will be the worst price the people of Iran will have to pay to rid the world of thee current Iranian regime.

Ed Kohl

West Bloomfield


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