Authentic Italian
Authentic Italian

Cantoro Italian Trattoria opens in Troy

The response to a wonderful trattoria being attached to its highly received market in Plymouth has been so great that the owners would have had no problem if they used this reason to take over the former Tres Vite location in Troy near the San Marino Club … The necessary alterations were made, the main dining room enlarged and a magnificent trattoria by itself was opened …No full Italian market … but the exact same excellent restaurant menu as in Plymouth.

Authentic Italian
Authentic Italian

Cantoro Italian Trattoria Troy, Big Beaver between Rochester Road and John R. was opened this year by Mario Fallone and sons John and Michael Fallone and is already a big frontrunner as only an Italian restaurant.

And to top off the opening of an excellent trattoria, its general manager and executive chef is someone so many will remember … Jeffrey Valente … who with dad, Al Valente, operated the former huge favorites Villa Maria on Haggerty in Commerce Township and Ristorante di Maria on Walnut Lake and Inkster, West Bloomfield … In fact, as special items at Cantoro Troy, Jeff will, on request, prepare some of those great dishes like the Linguine con Bottarga, spiedini alla Romana, involtini di melanzane, etc. … too many to list among numerous other dishes that so many have wondered where they could be gotten again … to go with the fine dishes already on the Cantoro menu.

General Manager and Chef Jeffrey Valente
General Manager and Chef Jeffrey Valente

Cantoro Troy’s menu, the same wonderful favorites as Plymouth, has a bevy of items that are already receiving huge requests for Jeff to make in his own inimitable ways … lunch or dinner … even the amazing pizzas or its No. 1 dish of house-made Pasta Bologonese … orange salad, etc., among a bevy of favorites.

Two tournament-size bocce courts in a lush 80-seat outdoor courtyard overlook the pristine Italian-style landscaping … and so much to see in an atmosphere of true elegance.

“There is nothing like this in the Oakland or Macomb County areas,” says Jeff Valente. “Contemporary Italian fare with traditional flair in a casual, yet gorgeous trattoria fills a dining void.”

The Cantoro Italian Trattoria Troy continues a commitment that includes outstanding lunch, happy hours, dinner and banquet experiences with high-quality Italian cuisine that includes steaks and seafood, house-made pastas and sauces, soups, etc. … accompanied, like Plymouth’s Cantoro, by an award-winning selection of choice wines along with a full liquor and beer menu.

Seating is 120 in the main dining room … In addition is a 125-seat banquet room, private dining room/wine cellar and a terrace for corporate events.

Happy Hour specials Monday through Friday include half-off its notable gourmet pizzas, appetizers, etc. … Lunch hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday … and dinner 4-10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and 4-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The new Cantoro Italian Trattoria Troy is proving to be another answer to more dining goodness by Mario Fallone and his sons John and Michael … Between them and Chef Jeffrey Valente, you might say another winning combination has certainly come to Troy.

READER MINI REVUEFrom Gary Cochran … “Mary Lou and I went to the new Fork n’ Pint at the old Mitch’s on Cass Lake in Waterford and enjoyed sitting on the gorgeous and long front patio/deck. After being greeted by a super-friendly hostess, we told her it was our first visit and she graciously suggested the house favorite of fresh walleye ‘fish and chips’ with thin fries and house-made cole slaw. We also ordered house-tossed salads, and they came out perfectly. The fresh walleye was about 14 ounces, lightly coated, deep fried and delicious. We also had lettuce wraps with three dipping sauces and a large portion of chicken over Asian white cellophane noodles, which was excellent. Mary Lou and I were very impressed.”

(Gary and Mary Lou Cochran were owners of the former Beau Jack’s in West Bloomfield and are quite critical when it comes to food and restaurants. They saw several of their former customers there. Gary says that this is one of the best restaurants he has been to since Beau Jack’s.)

THAT MUCH-AWAITED super brunch … all-you-can-eat … begins Sunday, Sept. 16, 10-3 at Station Square, Coolidge & Maple, Troy.

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