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Founded in 2013, nonprofit Educate To Career (ETC) is the leading resource for educational attainment, outcomes-based personalized college and career planning, and related financial planning data and programs in the U.S.

Nonprofit Educate To Career announces the release of their annual ETC College Rankings Index for 2019. The ETC College Rankings Index ranks over 1200 U.S. colleges based on economic value added for the student. We define economic value added as being the improvement in earnings and employability of graduates – measured against the total cost of the education.

ETC president and founder Michael R. Havis states, “We rank colleges by the outcomes of their graduates – including jobs and salaries, graduation rates, student loan payback rates, and other factors”. ETC uses sophisticated statistical techniques to control for the quality of the students (we calculate the earnings value of high SAT scores and correctively weight our model for that value). Other rankings show a correlation between the SAT/ACT scores that a school accepts and the rank of the schools. Mr. Havis comments “They’re really ranking students – while we are actually ranking colleges”. “Also, unlike other rankings – we do not accept any data from the colleges themselves, choosing to compile our data from only publicly available sources for the sake of impartiality”.

Some of the metrics used in calculating the ETC College Rankings Index are:

  • Percentage of graduates employed in occupations which utilize their field of study
  • Average salary earned by recent graduates, by school for each major category (adjusted for region, occupation and other variables)
  • Percentage of persons employed within one year of graduation
  • Major, referenced against similarly situated students at other institutions
  • Graduation rate and the number of years to graduate
  • Tuition- in state, net cost
  • Loan default rates
  • Other proprietary input variables which norm students to a common standard for each school and major

The ETC College Rankings Index is the standard for ranking colleges based on factors that families actually care about – ROI. It is part of our extensive suite of personalized, outcomes-based college and career planning programs – all available on our website. Welcome to the 2019 ETC College Rankings Index!

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