Rabbis Ahuvia and Sleutelberg
Rabbis Ahuvia and Sleutelberg

Above: Rabbis Ahuvia and Sleutelberg

Congregation Shir Tikvah in Troy will celebrate its Double Chai Anniversary year Friday, Oct. 5, with a Shabbat filled with jazz and joyful worship. The “Traverse City Jazz Shabbat” will be performed as a collaboration between Traverse City’s popular jazz musician Jeff Haas and Congregation Shir Tikvah’s Rabbis Aura Ahuvia and Arnie Sleutelberg.

The original music Haas composed for the Traverse City Jazz Shabbat will be showcased at Shir Tikvah’s Jazz Shabbat. Haas reharmonized many of the traditional Shabbat prayers for the service.

“Think of it as taking your favorite painting and having it reframed,” Haas says. “It looks the same but different. The melodies for the traditional prayers will remain exactly the same but I have changed the chord structure of the songs.”

Haas and the rabbis have chosen psalms and prayers and picked familiar melodies. A highlight of the evening will be a musical sermon preformed by the rabbis during the service.

The Jazz Shabbat service is open to all and will be held at Shir Tikvah, 3900 Northfield Parkway, Troy. The service begins at 7:15 p.m. with a celebratory oneg to follow. For more details, contact Lorelei Berg at Lorelei@shirtikvah.org.

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