#weareoneday: a day against hate

It seems like hate is on the rise in the country. What can we do to turn the tide on hate, bigotry, and bias? The ADL says we can try to understand each other better.

The ADL is joining with others inside and outside the Jewish community today, Oct. 1, to sponsor “One Day Against Hate,” a date meant for people to hold conversations to understand each other’s different life experiences and build bridges to deeper, more human connections.

People across the country are joining the pledge and will post their conversations at #WeAreOneday. Can’t think of a way to get the conversation started? There are toolkits on weareoneday.org to get the conversation started.

Some sample questions: How would you describe the most important aspect of your identity? Describe the first time you remember learning that bias and hate exist in the world. What impact has bias or hate had on your life?

So far On Twitter:
• Oneday, we will have a world free of bias and hate. That journey starts today with a million conversations of understanding. #WeAreOneDay @weare1day
• We all come from different walks of life, and our biases can prevent us from understanding each other. I’m proud to be a part of Oneday Against Hate to urge everyone to start conversations of understanding. Learn more and join in: http://www.WeAreOneday.org #WeAreOneday
• The fight against hate starts with me. It begins by understanding my own biases. Join the movement @weare1day and start a conversation. #weareoneday

Add your own comments on Twitter and watch this video to learn more.

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