The first eight-episode season of Forever is now streaming on Amazon. It stars Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, 46, as a long-married couple. They love each other, but are caught in the rut of doing the same things. They try to shake things up just a little and that “little” has an unexpected effect on their whole existence. The critics’ reviews range from good to great. I watched the whole first season and I liked this series very much. I can’t provide more details because anyone’s enjoyment of the show is based a great deal on really unexpected plot twists.

Catherine Keener and Noah Robbins, 27, co-star in the last six episodes. Robbins plays Mark, a 17-year old skateboarder. He starred in a 2009 Broadway revival of Brighton Beach Memories and in Grease: Live, a 2016 Fox TV special.

Star Wars: Resistance starts on the Disney Channel on Oct. 7 (10 p.m.). This series is set decades after the events in the Return of the Jedi and six months before the events of The Force Awakens. Resistance follows a pilot who is recruited to spy on the growing threat of the First Order. Josh Brener (Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti on Silicon Valley), 33, is a series regular.


Love, Gilda, a documentary, opened at the Maple Theater last Friday, Sept. 28, and almost certainly will play the week of Oct. 5-Oct. 11. It’s about the great comedian Gilda Radner (1946-1989). The daughter of affluent parents, Radner was born in Detroit and attended University of Michigan before dropping out in her senior year to star in the musical Godspell in Toronto. Godspell was followed by her joining the famous Second City comedy troupe in Toronto and, shortly thereafter, her selection (1975) as an original cast member of Saturday Night Live. At SNL, she became a comedy icon as she created memorable characters like Emily Litella (modeled after her childhood nanny).

Love, Gilda has received good, but not great reviews. Radner had a complicated personal life and suffered from a lot of problems (like an eating disorder) that preceded the ovarian cancer that took her life. Most critics say the film doesn’t dive deep enough into her personal/health problems or the ups-and-downs of her marriage to Gene Wilder, her second husband; however, critics say the documentary does work well as a career retrospective — most notably great, largely unseen clips of Gilda performing after leaving SNL.

Opening “wide” on Oct. 5 is the fourth film production of A Star is Born. Lady Gaga stars as Ally, a struggling musical artist who becomes romantically involved with Jackson Maine, a big musical star (played by Bradley Cooper, who also directed the film and co-wrote it). The film turns tragic as Ally’s star rises and Maine’s star dims. The script was co-written by Oscar-winner Eric Roth (Forrest Gump), 73. The songs are all new, and many were written by Lady Gaga. Top producer/songwriter Mark Ronson, 43, co-wrote one tune (“Shallow”) and Diane Warren, 62, a nine-time Oscar nominee, co-wrote another (“Why Did You Do That?”).

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