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Arthur Horwitz
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Arthur Horwitz

The edition of the Detroit Jewish News currently in your hands may feel a bit different. It is. It has been re-formatted in a way to consume less newsprint while continuing to provide you with the useful, credible information you expect from us.

A trade-and-tariff war initiated by our country’s president early in 2018 against Canada, whose mills provide virtually all the newsprint consumed by American publishers, resulted in immediate cost increases of up to 31 percent per metric ton. Newsprint is one of the major expense lines in the budgets of publishers, including the Jewish News.

In early August, our country tweaked the newsprint tariff downward to about 20 percent while refusing to eliminate it altogether. About six weeks ago, the five-member U.S. International Trade Commission voted unanimously to overturn the tariffs. There will be no refunds or rebates, and higher prices passed along to the Jewish News by its Michigan-based printer are continuing.

Planning for a reformatted Jewish News was in its final stages when the commission announced its ruling.

In this era of fake news and alternative facts, with the media positioned by our country’s president as the collective enemies of the people, the Jewish News remains focused on our mission to provide you, our valued readers, with information — in print and digitally — that reflects the full range of diverse viewpoints in our community while also advocating positions that strengthen Jewish unity and continuity.

We appreciate your continuing readership and trust, and the opportunity to share our new format and more convenient size with you.

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Arthur Horwitz
Publisher & Executive Editor Arthur Horwitz