Lawrence LoPatin, seen leaning on a pace car, opened the Michigan International Speedway 50 years ago.

Michigan International Speedway Marks 50 Years

LoPatin Made His Dream A Reality

Fifty years ago on Oct. 13, 1968,  a major sports milestone was being celebrated in Brooklyn … Brooklyn, Michigan, that is.

It was the opening of the Michigan International Speedway (MIS), the brainchild of Detroit entrepreneur and a true visionary the late Lawrence LoPatin. Before a sold-out crowd, the innovative new track hosted the Michigan Inaugural 250.

Imagine a race so long ago there was no sponsorship tacked onto its name; unlike the race this past Aug. 12 that commemorated the golden anniversary of the track: Consumers Energy 400, part of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

See Contributing Writer Alan Muskovitz’s full story in the Oct. 18 Jewish News.

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