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Is There More Anti-Semitism In Detroit Today Than In 2015?

The responses to the 2018 Detroit Jewish Community Study may surprise you.

How much anti-Semitism would you say there is in the Detroit area? Well, compared to the 2005 Detroit Jewish Community Study – the last comprehensive one undertaken – it’s actually less today.

The recently released 2018 study shows that 45% of respondents perceive there to be a great deal or moderate amount of anti-Semitism in the Detroit area. This compares to 51% who felt that way in 2005. Also, 10% of the 2018 respondents felt there was no anti-Semitism in the Detroit area. In 2005, 5% felt that way.

Arthur Horwitz

[/media-credit] Arthur Horwitz,
Publisher and Executive Editor

Do your perceptions of the level of anti-Semitism in the Detroit area align with those of the survey respondents?

In the past year, in the Detroit area, did you personally experience anti-Semitism?

How would you define anti-Semitism?

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