Some vegans are using Holocaust imagery to compare the slaughter of animals, like this illustration of sheep on railroad tracks heading toward a building that looks like Auschwitz and has a swastika on the building. .
Some vegans are using Holocaust imagery to compare the slaughter of animals.

Holocaust Imagery Used By Vegans

Ariel Sobel is a screenwriter in Long Island, N.Y., and the descendant of Holocaust survivors. Her post in Jewniverse takes to task vegans who have appropriated Holocaust imagery to make their case.

Her post shows images posted by fervent vegans that have stacks of human bodies at Auschwitz juxtaposed to a pile of hunted pigs, barracks at the concentration camp against a factory farm — all with a swastika in the middle.

Other images show the famous photo of skeletal Holocaust prisoners in their bunkbeds against chickens penned in cages, with the words: “To animals, all people are Nazis.”

Sobel writes in her post:

“At first, I thought this was just an insensitively photoshopped graphic or two. But then I typed ‘animal Holocaust’ into Twitter. There, vegans left and right truly believe that eating meat is just as traumatic of an atrocity as the near-successful attempt to mass-exterminate Jewish people.

“Dear vegans shouting ‘animal Holocaust’: You are not empowering animals. In fact, you’re falling prey to Hitler ideology — that Jewish people are subhuman. The Nazis believed my grandparents were as savage as beasts. They used propaganda to compare us to rodents and other fauna. This was a means of numbing society’s hearts to us, to tolerate and even get people to carry out our mass murder. Now you’re doing the same.

“There’s nothing wrong with saying factory farming is atrocious. But when the vegan movement insensitively plays a rerun of Nazi propaganda to promote their diet, that’s appalling, too.”



  1. They aren’t comparing Jewish people to animals, they are comparing the treatment of Jewish people to the treatment of animals and saying that the argument of inferiority is wrong and dangerous. You missed the point completely.

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