Images of hate have been popping up in Sterling Heights, including signs that advertise a white supremacist website that denies the Holocaust.

“We won’t stand for it,” Chief Dale Dwojakowski of the Sterling Heights Police Department told the Detroit Free Press. He added that the signs were against the law in the second-largest suburb in Metro Detroit.

The signs were posted in the 18 Mile and Lafayette area.

Police are asking people who live near the signs if they have surveillance video of who put the signs up in an effort to catch the culprit. If you have any information, call (586) 446-2489.



  1. Disclosing this information to the public will surely increase the likelihood of similar incidents occurring. It is quite interesting that displaying a picture in reality is against the law, yet doing so online is perfectly acceptable. Someone posted a picture without causing damages. Take it down and move on.

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