Hebrew University is well-known for academic excellence and achievements in science, health and economics. Comedy? Not so much — until now. Credit for that goes to “Bubbie.”

American Friends of Hebrew University is one of six finalists for the
Shorty Award, which honors the most creative and effective use of humor in a video supporting a social good campaign, initiative or project.

In the viral videos Bubbie (as portrayed by actress Barbara Malley) trots out a series of apps and gadgets to help her keep tabs on her family, with the tagline “Bubbie may not have the most advanced tech, but Hebrew University does.”

As the award committee noted: “Bubbe’s App, “Would it Kill you to Call?!” made her a star. On AFHU’s Facebook page, the video garnered a staggering 1.6 million views and over 10k shares.”

Chief Marketing Officer Eileen Hume notes that the campaign grew from a brainstorming session on spreading the word about Hebrew University’s innovation. “Everyone has a bubbie,” Hume said. “It’s a shared cultural experience.”

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on Nov. 15
in New York City.