Opening Oct. 26: Mid90s marks the directing debut of Jonah Hill, 34, who also wrote the film. While billed as a comedy/drama, the reviews I’ve read describe it as a pretty gritty film with just a chuckle now and again. It follows Stevie, a 13-year-old with a tough home life. His working-class mother has a parade of guys coming through and his much older brother beats him up. Stevie finds an alternate family among a group of rowdy new friends who hang out at a local skate shop and often get into trouble.

Likewise, Beautiful Boy isn’t exactly a Disney film. It’s based on memoirs by journalist David Sheff, 62, and his son Nic, 36, about Nic’s battle with meth addiction. Nic was raised by his father and stepmother in an affluent San Francisco suburb. He was a golden boy (wrote, painted, surfed) until he got hooked. The film focuses on the efforts of his parents (including his mother) to understand why he got addicted and why he backslid after several rehab stays.

Steve Carell plays David and Timothée Chalamet, 22, plays Nic. Most critics noted that many scenes are good, but the film, they said, often has a slick, superficial feel. Quite a few, however, praised Chalamet, including the Chicago Tribune reviewer: “Chalamet’s terrific throughout, accessing and deploying every kind of emotion in unpredictable combinations. It’s an ideal follow up for him, coming after his Oscar-nominated turn in the languidly beautiful romance Call Me by Your Name.”


Here are the Jewish players on an NFL roster as of Oct. 15: Nate Ebner, 29, defensive back, New England; Ali Marpet, 25, center, Tampa Bay; Mitchell Schwartz, 29, offensive tackle, Kansas City; Michael Dunn, 22, linebacker, Jacksonville (practice squad); Anthony Firkser, 22, tight end, Tennessee; and Josh Rosen, 21, quarterback, Arizona. Rosen, a rookie, began starting with his team’s fourth game.

All play for University of Michigan, except as noted: Jared Char, offensive back, from Farmington Hills; Jake McCurry, wide receiver, from Ohio; Ryan Veingard, defensive end, from Florida; Quinn Rothman, defensive back, from California; and Zach Novoselsky, Western Michigan University, offensive tackle, from Illinois.


On Oct. 2, CBS News announced it is adding Bianna Golodryga (go-low-DREEG-ah) as a fourth anchor to its morning show. Golodryga, 40, was born in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. She was 18 months old when she and her family came to the States as political refugees (they arrived with $75). They settled in Houston. Her father is a mechanical engineer. Her mother is a senior vice president at Phillips 66 Oil Co. (in charge of digital media).

Since 2004, Golodryga has appeared in increasingly important roles as a reporter and contributor on CNBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS. She married (in a Jewish ceremony) Peter Orszag, 49, the former budget director in the Obama administration, in 2010 and they now have two children.

John Berman, 46, recently replaced Chris Cuomo as the co-anchor of the CNN morning program New Day. His parents are Jewish. In 2014, he traced his father’s mother’s family (who are Sephardic) for a CNN feature piece. He learned that his Sephardic ancestors went from Spain to Morocco to Holland to America and its likely Berman is related to the famous philosopher Baruch Spinoza.