Azra Chamber of Horrors and Haunted House is open until Saturday, Nov. 2 at 31410 John R in Madison Heights. Azra Chamber of Horrors is Metro Detroit’s newest and most terrifying haunted house experience with each chamber being more scary and menacing than the last.

It is a crazy multi-level maze filled with hair-raising scary features recently purchased at the annual Haunted House Show in St. Louis. The cost is  $20 for a 20-minute experience like no other, and if the animated props and other surprises weren’t scary enough, a crew of 50 actors in costume add to the scare. On the busier nights there will be food trucks, fire breathers and a DJ with a few other surprises to entertain people in line.

Azra is situated in the same building as Escape Room Zone and Michigan’s first Rage Room. Before or after a good scare, groups or individuals can see if they have what it takes to solve the puzzles inside and escape or take out some rage by breaking all sorts of things with hammers and bats. Both businesses are booked well in advance so reservations are advisable.

For more information and for booking large groups,  visit or or call 734/718-0088. For Escape Room and Rage Room bookings,  visit or

Here’s a video clip of what to expect at the haunted house. Viewer discretion is advised!