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Rabbi Levi Dubov, co-director of the Chabad Jewish Center of Bloomfield Hills, wants to remember the shooting victims of Pittsburgh by putting up 11 mezuzot in their memory. Does your office and home have a mezuzah? Connect with him on Facebook if you would like to participate.

“Mezuzah is an easy and practical mitzvah, and one imbued with so much meaning and significance. It invites G-d’s presence and protection into our lives. What better message can we be focusing on in the face of the pain and evil we have just experienced?” he asks.

Rabbi Dubov posted this inspiring message on Facebook today and shared it with the Jewish News:

Some think of us as millions of fragmented people, each with their own individual life and destiny. But in truth all Jews are as one body — all working together and dependent on one another. We are all one single unified organism.

When one Jew is happy, we are all happy. And when one Jew is bleeding, we are all bleeding.

What happened yesterday in Pittsburgh was not an attack on an individual Jewish community, or on an individual group of Jews, it was an attack on every Jew. It was an attack on the singular body called Israel, and when one part of the body is hurt, the entire body feels the pain on a personal level.

We must take what happened yesterday very close to heart and it should arouse within us the personal responsibility to do something. We must fight this evil with goodness, with another mitzvah.

Remember, it only takes one person to stand up and change the world for the worse; and it only takes one person to change the world for the better. Let that one person be you!


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