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The Contours of Our Jewish Community: Snapshots From the 2018 Population Study

In 2017, the Pittsburgh Jewish community completed its first population study since 2002. Similar to Detroit’s recently released population study, it found significant concern about anti-Semitism. 86% in Pittsburgh said they were very much or somewhat concerned about anti-Semitism. In Detroit, 90% perceived there was a great deal or moderate amount of anti-Semitism.

The Pittsburgh study also found that 16% of their community members had personally experienced anti-Semitism in the past year, but the incidents were largely minor in nature. It concluded that anti-Semitism in the Pittsburgh community may be more perception than reality, but also said the community should still be vigilant.

In response to the mass killing Saturday at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, our Detroit Jewish community is putting in place added security measures for Jewish schools, synagogues and other communal institutions.


  • What would you advise our Detroit community leaders to do to make us feel more secure when we send our kids to Jewish schools, attend synagogues or participate in community-wide events?
  • Have you personally experienced anti-Semitism in the Detroit area in the past year? If so, would you define it is minor in nature? Did you report it to the local police department, some other law enforcement agency, or the ADL?
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