Suspected gunman Robert Bowers

Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers, 46, has been charged with 29 federal charges, including 11 counts of murder, according to Pittsburgh law enforcement officers speaking at a press conference Sunday morning. According to Pittsburgh’s U.S. attorney, the shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. There is nothing to indicate that Bowers had any accomplices, according to investigators, who are scouring the suspect’s home, car and social media accounts to determine if the rampage at the Tree of Life Synagogue was premeditated. Bowers had posted anti-Semitic and conspiracy-theory related posts on a social media site utilized by those in the alt-right.

Eleven people died in yesterday’s mass shooting: 8 men and 3 women, from ages 54-97.  Two brothers and a married couple were among those killed. All the families have been notified.

Three other congregants were injured, as were four police officers, three of whom were shot. One officer was released from the hospital on Sunday; one is expected to be released today. The two others will remain hospitalized.

The gunman remains in a local hospital, recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. He is expected to make his initial appearance in court on Monday.

Police across the nation have increased their presence at synagogues and other Jewish institutions as American Jews mourn the tragic loss and express their solidarity for the Jewish community of Pittsburgh. A vigil for the victims was planned for 2 p.m. Sunday at Jewish Ferndale.


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