The Republican Jewish Coalition praised the Republicans for expanding their majority in the Senate, while the Jewish Democratic Council of America congratulated their party on regaining control of the House of Representatives.

In the RJC press release, it reads: “The wave of Republican victories in the 2018 midterms demonstrates the strong approval of the American people for the Republican policies that have substantially improved our economy, our national security, and our standing abroad.

“Historically, the party holding the White House loses seats in Congress during the midterm election. This year Republicans did well in a tough environment and increased their share in the Senate.”

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman said: “President Trump and the Republican-led Congress accomplished so much in the last two years, including: recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there, taking us out of the Iran deal and re-imposing strong sanctions, cutting back regulations and growing jobs in this country.”

Coleman continued: “Now it is time for Republicans and Democrats to come together to continue to move our country forward and pursue thoughtful legislation to grow our economy, reform health care, secure our borders, and strengthen the US-Israel alliance.”

The RJC also mentioned newly elected congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian American to be elected to the House of Representatives. “The Jewish community will pay close attention to what the Democratic Party does about people like Rashida Tlaib … Will they be the face of the Democratic Party and the party’s new leaders in Congress?”

Jewish Democratic Council of America congratulated their party on regaining control of the House of Representatives. Halie Soifer, the JDCA’s executive director, said the results of Election Day sent a message to the White House and the GOP.

“The 2018 midterm elections were a clear referendum on President Trump, and a rejection of his hateful policies and rhetoric,” she said in a statement. “Jewish voters overwhelmingly and decisively rejected Republicans because they have enabled an agenda that is a betrayal of Jewish and American values.”

Progressive Jewish organization Bend The Arc said the election results were a “breath of relief” and a “hard-won victory for a multiracial democracy.”

Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc, said: “We are breathing with a sense of relief for the first time in years. Last night’s election is a needed and hard-won victory for Americans who believe in justice, equality, and a thriving multiracial democracy. To win the House, voters overcame blatant voter suppression and extreme gerrymandering to elect a diverse slate of women, people of color, and LGBTQ candidates running on an agenda of inclusion, dignity, and democracy.

“Millions of Americans voted on the right side of history, and we will work tirelessly together in service to the vision of a multiracial democracy where all can live, love, and thrive.”

Robert Bank, President and CEO of American Jewish World Service (AJWS) issued a statement that said:  “We applaud the record numbers of Americans who exercised their rights and went to the polls, and we are gratified that they voted to end one-party rule by President Trump …

“As American Jews and as advocates for human rights worldwide, we have been deeply disturbed by President Trump’s intolerant rhetoric and destructive actions. We look to the new House of Representatives to both serve as a check on President Trump’s worst impulses and to start the hard work of restoring our nation’s role as a global leader for human rights, a partner in the fight against global poverty and a leader on combatting climate change.”

The National Council of Jewish Women CEO Nancy K. Kaufman said in a statement that NCJW looks forward to working with the 116th Congress.

“This election cycle saw record numbers of women and minorities running for office, and the result is a young, diverse House of Representatives. The incredible turnout across the country was heartening, but the difficulties reported in many states must be corrected,” she said.

“NCJW looks forward to furthering our agenda of improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. We will continue to protect the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid (including unfettered access to contraception). We will work to uphold the separation of religion and state, particularly as it applies to non-discrimination law and policy and when public funds are involved. And we will continue to defend and advance every woman’s right to access abortion.

“The public demands Congress work to serve its needs, avoid pettiness and polarization, and produce results. We will gladly join in such efforts.”



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