Lebanese food from Mandaloun Bistro

Mandaloun Bistro celebrates four years in business.

Milake Bitar and Melissa Bitar
Milake Bitar and Melissa Bitar Jackie Headapohl | Detroit Jewish News

Hungry for some true authentic Lebanese food? … Mandaloun Bistro is celebrating its fourth anniversary and probably has the Lebanese dish you may no doubt have been craving for … or can maybe make it for you.

You’ll hardly get much better Lebanese fare unless you plan on going to Lebanon … such as its genuine stuffed lamb, moghrabieh couscous, kibbe labneh or stuffed eggplant and zucchini … or select from many of the other dishes prepared and served at Mandaloun Bistro … on Telegraph Road and 12½ Mile Road in Bingham Farms.

At Mandaloun Bistro, you’ll now also be able to get beef ribs, too … maybe different at other places from how Executive Chef Milake Bitar prepares them … In fact, there might be some other dishes you may find elsewhere … but for sure not like numerous selections among the delicious food she makes, like Mandaloun’s stuffed lamb signature dish.

Milake is owner Melissa Bitar’s mother and her “truly like home” delicacies are so authentic you might close your eyes and think you are in Lebanon itself … Melissa’s dad, Fernand, continues to do Mandaloun’s butchering at the restaurant.

Stuffed eggplant and zucchini, Hindi dandelion greens, Samke harra cod fish with tahini sauce … Want more? … Milake will make it for you … She was in Lebanon recently and brought back more goodies that people might enjoy … Huge favorites in Lebanon … and brought for all with belly touches of joyous goodness … shish barak, cooked yogurt with meat tortellini inside, then added garlic and cilantro for a zesty taste … and kousa laban, stuffed zucchini cooked in a yogurt sauce with cilantro garlic, ground beef and rice.

Lebanese food from Mandaloun Bistro

If you have already enjoyed one or two of Milake’s noted dishes before … and loved every lick of the fingers… at the former Le Chef Bistro in Farmington Hills … you know of their goodness.

Even some of the desserts are authentic … Like the Ashta bread pudding with bananas, pistachios, honey and almond …And there also is homemade rice pudding with almonds and pistachios and syrup …Plus a delicious cream caramel.

Mandaloun Bistro seats about 150 to 200 people plus 10 at the bar … and is open Monday-Thursday, 11-10, Friday, 11-11, Saturday, 4-11 and Sunday, 4-10 … Entertainment Friday nights from 7 p.m.

Four years and Mandaloun Bistro is still going strong … The delight of dining on authentic food that you know you can’t get anywhere else … and much of it with a taste like no others … Authentic Lebanese food in America … a thrill that comes

so rarely … and is so good in the very talented hands of someone like Milake Bitar.

Truly a family treat like few others.

THE LOCALE WHERE Matt Prentice may open his super deli, Franklin Plaza Center, Northwestern Highway, just north of 12 Mile, is owned by community-ite Ken Lenchner … and across from the Jewish News and Renaissance Media.

Lebanese food from Mandaloun Bistro
Jackie Headapohl | Detroit Jewish News

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“Oh,” said the other, “I don’t think so.”

“I’ll bet you,” said the first gent.

“No, thanks,” said the other. “I never won a bet on a horse in my life.”

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