Photo by Horace Mann, San Jose, California

According to the ADL, more than 1.8 million Americans voted for known extremists and bigots who were running for national offices in the Nov. 6 election. In races for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, extremists pulled in, on average, 29 percent percent of the vote, according to the ADL’s calculations.

“It’s important to acknowledge that some of these votes – perhaps even the majority – may reflect voters’ ignorance and/or their decision to vote a straight party ticket,” the ADL said on its website. “But it’s also impossible to ignore the fact that a certain number of people felt, in the case of each of these candidates, that it was reasonable to vote for an overt white supremacist or an outspoken bigot.”

The ADL has the rundown on the extremist candidates of 2018.

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