older person seen from the waist down standing in a hospital in a hospital gown holding a walker

Jewish Family Service received a $20,000 grant from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit that will go toward testing a new interdisciplinary approach to supporting community members through chronic care management.

A JFS care manager will be placed in a primary care practice to serve more vulnerable older adults. This partnership relies on an evidence-based AIMS model from Rush University Medical Center. AIMS, or Ambulatory Integration of the Medical and Social, is an approach that addresses the gap between an individual’s medical needs and the potential social and environmental barriers that may interfere with their care. JFS will be working with the University of Michigan to evaluate the program’s implementation and outcomes.

“This grant enhances our capacity to address chronic disease management barriers in underserved communities,” said Yuliya Gaydayenko, chief program officer, older adults, “which, in turn, will greatly enhance the quality of life of many vulnerable older adults.”

This funding will also help create a bilingual (Russian/English) network of support and community resources for older adults who might be experiencing cognitive, behavioral, language and cultural barriers to receiving proper care.

This program is also funded by the DMC Foundation and the Jewish Fund.


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