Randi Schreiber making art with her children, Josh and Hannah
Randi Schreiber making art with her children, Josh and Hannah

From the JN Staff

Professionally, Randi Schreiber was a physician assistant specializing in pediatrics; but personally, she loved creating art.

After Schreiber passed away in August 2016 at age 45, her family began searching for a meaningful way to honor her memory.

“Randi always loved being around children,” recalled her mom, Susan Gartenberg. “Beginning when she was very young, she was always comfortable around kids with special needs. She never saw a disability. She just saw a child.”

Gartenberg, along with her son-in-law, Larry Schreiber, and his kids, Hannah and Josh, wanted a memorial of Randi that would merge her love of art and children. They created Randi’s Sibling Social, an early evening get-together for siblings of those with special needs. The first social will be Sunday, Nov. 25, at the Soul Studio in West Bloomfield.

During the 90-minute program, participants will create an original piece of art and participate in an informal but facilitated discussion about having a family member with special needs. The family hopes to offer this as an ongoing Friendship Circle program.

“We’re extremely excited to be able to honor Randi’s memory in such a meaningful way, and we are glad to be able to help provide a program for siblings who often feel like their needs get overlooked,” said Larry Schreiber of Farmington Hills.

For details and to register, visit www.friendshipcircle.org/events/randis-sibling-social.