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The show Broad City is a hysterical, inappropriate, yet relatable show with Jewish characters that just make you want to love (or hate) them.

In one particularly fun episode, main characters Ilana (Ilana Glazer)and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) go on Birthright. For those who don’t know, Birthright is a free trip to Israel for Jews provided based on various specifications you can find on the Birthright website. When Ilana and Abbi go on Birthright, it is an absolute hysterical and somewhat accurate depiction.

During the episode, viewers watch as Abbi and Ilana sit onboard the plane to Israel and a trip leader calls roll of everyone’s names. As expected, they are all very typical Jewish names you just can’t help but giggle at because of how stereotypical they are. There are two Rachel’s and three David’s who are referred to by number as Rachel one or David two or three.

Before takeoff, the plane cleverly chooses Adam Levine, a Jewish singer from Maroon 5, to sing the safety video.

Additionally, it’s said that Birthright is the place to meet your significant other, and the show doesn’t steer clear of this idea. Throughout the episode, the trip leaders try to play matchmaker with everyone on the trip. They decide to sit everyone according to who might be a good match because according to the trip leader it’s as much about “reproduction” as it is about learning about Israel. However, Abbi and Ilana are desperate to sit next to each other, so they spend the entire plane ride playing musical chairs and forcing potential soul mates apart. To add to the hilarity of the situation, immediately after one switch, the seat Abbi was previously sitting in gets upgraded to first class.

The episode continues to make fun of the stereotypical Birthright trip in the characters’ clothing.  A lot of the characters on the plane are wearing white shirts with blue Jewish stars on them like the Israeli flag, and all of the men on board are wearing kippahs.

Ilana and Abbi don’t make it easy on their Birthright leaders as they get involved with many shenanigans just on the plane itself. In addition to changing seats every few minutes, they run through the rows and bother many of the passengers. At the end of the episode, Abbi and Ilana end up being interrogated by the Israeli Defense Army because of their misbehavior on the plane thinking it may have been used as a distraction to plan something more than simple annoyance and boredom.

Overall, this was an extremely comedic take on Birthright that Broad City phenomenally pulled off. The entire episode had me in tears from uncomfortable laughter. Not only should you check out this episode, but I recommend you try watching all of Broad City for more Jewish comedy and a hilarious look into the lives of Jewish characters Ilana and Abbi.

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