Manny (left) and Molly (right) Cohen on their wedding day posing between tree branches. They smile with arms crossed in their tuxedo and wedding dress.
Manny and Molly Cohen on their wedding day. Credit: Rick and Rich Photography

Molly Cohen

Hi everyone! My name is Molly Cohen and I’m in graduate school to become a Physician Assistant. This is my first blog post, and I can’t wait to show you all the new things I’m learning and hear your stories about living and cooking in a kosher kitchen.

You might be asking, what could this young woman know about cooking? The truth is, I’m a full-time student and wife, and cooking is my outlet. I got married three months ago, so I’m exploring and learning new things about married life and the kitchen every day (shout out to my amazing husband Manny Cohen seen with me in the photo above).

I grew up in a Conservative home with my mom, dad and sister. We kept kosher inside the house, and my mom is a wonderful cook, but we still ate out for some meals. Additionally, my bubbie made Shabbos dinner every Friday. So, the women in my life are always with me in some way when I cook. Unfortunately, the men in my life have passed away and my dad’s sudden passing four years ago left me searching for more. I sought out religion in a different way, met my husband over similar circumstances of losing our fathers and learned that I needed new outlets to cope with my loss.

Today, I practice Judaism as an Orthodox Jew. My husband and I have a Jewish home and kosher kitchen. By no means are we perfect (I end up mixing up which item is parve, fleishig or milchig daily), but we are making it work and I could not be happier that the kitchen has become another outlet for me in times of stress. It’s a place where I can organize my OXO containers, label everything with stickers so I don’t make hamburgers accidentally dairy and where my sponges know their jobs and which dishes they can clean!

Our roles are still playing out, but I predominantly cook dinner. I also head to the kitchen pretty much anytime I’m filled with anxiety. In those moments, I end up whipping everything in our fridge up into something delicious. Good for my husband, but not great for either of our stomachs! My husband, on the other hand, is an excellent baker. Again, good for me, but not great for our stomachs. As I grow in the kitchen, I love using new kitchen gadgets and would love to experiment with more inventions, so if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to comment!

As we have both learned at a young age, life comes with twists and turns, but they happen for a reason and make us stronger in the long run. You will soon see, and I will probably see again, that cooking is the same way — with failures and successes. So, I cannot wait to share with you my cooking journey and Jewish journey, pick up some things along the way and be a part of this new community as well!

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