filet of steak with mushrooms on top and a sauce or gravy being poured from a spoon above all resting on a plane oval plate.

Andiamo West demonstrates restaurant togetherness.

Danny Raskin

An eatery celebrating a 21st birthday is talked about so much it has become old hat to many … This is called restaurant togetherness … Few restaurants realize if they have this.

Such as one like Andiamo West on 15 Mile and Telegraph, Bloomfield Township … It has become more or less a standard of prime togetherness that is great in the restaurant business.

Wonderful food is an absolute must, but this should go for almost any restaurant … Good food may not be enough … Yes, it is important … Excellent service, too … Both are combined to provide restaurant/customer togetherness, which is what you feel when you sit at an Andiamo West table.

I’m not talking about hand shaking togetherness … but a true closeness between customers and the restaurant … An excellent eatery like Andiamo West has a silent harmony that seems to meld between the dining establishment and its clients.

At the beginning, 21 years ago, it was originally touch-and-go when owner Joe Vicari bought the former Machus Red Fox locale from the Harry Machus family … It was a fine establishment, but at too many times only another fair restaurant … However, as the years rolled by after it became Andiamo West, a sort of fellowship continued to build.

Rocky Mestari, Bill Hall and Joe Vicari
Rocky Mestari, Bill Hall and Joe Vicari Jackie Headapohl | Detroit Jewish News

People kept coming back for the Dover sole, house-butchered steaks, summer salads, creamed spinach, etc. … Andiamo West had arrived … It developed a dedicated closeness with many other regulars who continually came back in silent camaraderie.

Joe Vicari and his staff provided the food and service demanded of a stalwart dining spot once he obtained the services of his late Corporate Chef Aldo Ottoviani for his growing empire … But Aldo certainly could not be everywhere … So, fine executive chefs like today’s Bill Hall became wonderful assets to Andiamo West’s kitchen … Chefs like Bill are priceless additions with uncanny ability with dishes that include the Jewish favorites on Andiamo West’s L’Chaim menu … along with stalwart managers … and servers … All actually silent givers of what it takes to make a good solid restaurant.

Andiamo West had to grow up from the stained, lookers-only reputation of the disappearance of UAW’s Jimmy Hoffa from its property … While there, many lookers would grab a bite to eat … and become regulars.

Andiamo West became noted as a showplace of wonderful food, service and ambience … not just another restaurant … The years have brought more and more strength … The group of fine-dining establishments like Andiamo West, celebrating its 21st anniversary, kept growing into what today is a fine number with true restaurant togetherness.

filet of salmon with roasted vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini) on the side on a plane oval plate.
Jackie Headapohl | Detroit Jewish News

THE NEW ULTRA-lavish Sunday brunch at Station Square, Coolidge, one block south of Maple, Troy … is introduced for two Sundays at $13.95 … Sunday, Dec. 2, and Sunday, Dec. 9 … 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. … All- you-can-eat … More than 50 items, including prime rib, shrimp, salmon, chicken, pasta, ham, bacon, sausage, French toast, pancakes, omelets, excellent house-made desserts, etc. … then back to the regular $17.99.

READER MINI REVIEWfrom Dennis Silber, Boca Raton, Fla. … “One of our favorite go-to restaurants in Boca Raton is synonymous with the name Renzo for over 25 years. Dating to 1990, the original Renzo’s, with a 150 person-capacity, is the place to go for its food and many celebrities.

“Faced with family entanglements in 2015, Renzo split away from the original facility into a different kind of dining facility a few miles away, Renzo’s Pizzeria Restaurant, Bar & Grill, 6900 N. Federal Highway. It is smaller, more casual, with great recipes from the original Renzo’s at comfy pricing and with a piano room. It features various chicken varieties … parmesan, marsala, gorgonzola, fresh seafoods, Liverness, Francese or branzino, veal dishes and fresh daily-made pastas along with steaks and chops and its 25-year famous ricotta cheesecake.”

OLDIE BUT GOODIE QUICKIES …  “Waiter, would you please get your thumb out of my soup?” … “So sorry, sir. But I have a boil and the doctor told me to keep it warm.” … “Waiter, this soup tastes funny! … “Then why aren’t you laughing?”

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