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Democratic House Not Good for Israel

Regarding the commentary by Michael Koplow, “What Does A Democratic House Mean For Israel?” (Nov. 15, page 6), how shall I put this diplomatically?

His answer was like putting lipstick and a dress on a pig. Please do not insult our intelligence. The vitriol spewing forth from the Democrats toward Israel and from the two newly elected congresswomen from Michigan and Minnesota is palpable.

Robert Bodack
Farmington Hills

Thankful for Book Fair

If ever there was an upside to an enforced longer stay in Michigan this season it was attending the Jewish Book Fair. What a spectacular gathering of authors and what a treasury of books to peruse and purchase. Book clubs will have no shortage of choices for the coming season. Most inspiring was the dedication of volunteers led by Terry Hollander, Brenda Brook, Helayne Kaplan, Jennifer LoPatin, Susan Lutz, and Sandi Matz. Most of the events were free and offered opportunities to hear gifted, articulate writers for 12 days, morning, noon and night! Profound thanks to the sponsors and underwriters who create this joyous reading festival for the community.

Edie Broida
Farmington Hills

Airbnb Blacklists Jewish Homes in Judea and Samaria

My parents, in-laws, husband and I, extended family and friends have all made an almost exclusive switch from hotel stays to Airbnb adventures because of the endless advantages — inexpensive prices, excellent customer care, pleasant hosts and an easy user-interface. As longtime supporters, we were all disheartened to wake up to news that Airbnb will no longer be offering rental lists in Judea and Samaria, Israel.

As residents of Israel with friends and family living in those towns, this will severely impact our future travel plans. And the root of this decision? These towns “are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians,” according to a company statement.

If you are going to start allowing such politics to infect the services that you provide, please be intellectually honest and consider the fact that listings are readily available in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, Moroccan-occupied Sahara, Tibet and the Crimea, as stated by Dr. Michael Oren.

The lack of consistency displayed here proves that the root of this issue is, in fact, society-driven pressure to move toward anti-Semitic policies. As proud Jews and Israelis, my family and I take offense to such obvious anti-Semitism and will be boycotting Airbnb’s services until the decision is reversed and an apology is issued.

Madison Botwinick
Israel (formerly of West Bloomfield)

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