ISRAEL21c is well-known for its engaging content on Israel’s innovative spirit that you can see, but also almost touch and feel. In its newest frontier, the popular online news magazine will produce content that you can taste.

ISRAEL21c’s video network, 21see, has released a video as part of its new video series featuring 30-60 second clips on Israel’s food scene, which is garnering fast-growing global and mainstream acclaim thanks to Israeli chefs like James Beard Award-winner Michael Solomonov.

The 21see series, dubbed “Tayim” after the Hebrew word for “tasty,” draws inspiration from the social media sensation Tasty, whose snack-sized videos which encourage viewers to try new recipes have amassed more than 95 million Facebook likes, 10.5 million YouTube subscribers, and 819,000 Twitter followers.

“In response to rising demand from our readers for more content that will enable them to not only cook more uniquely Israeli food, but also cook it with creativity and flair, ISRAEL21c has introduced Tayim,” said ISRAEL21c President Amy Friedkin. “Our platform celebrates Israel’s rich and diverse culture as well as its wide-ranging contributions to humanity, and food is no different. Food provides a particularly vibrant and sensory lens through which to view 21st century Israel and some of its most intriguing personalities and stories.”

Tayim’s first video will feature the sufganiyot (round jelly donut eaten on Hannukah). The rest of the release schedule is as follows:

    1. Sachlab, Wednesday December 12th
    2. Israeli Salad, Thursday December 27th
    3. Burekas, Wednesday January 9th
    4. Hummus, Wednesday January 23rd