illustration of a lit menorah with a dog wearing a kippah and tallit with stars of David on them
Grand prize-winner Zoey Kapeller, 9, Commerce

From the JN Staff

Chanukah is our favorite time of year at the JN. Each day during our contest when the mail comes, we have people eager to open those manila envelopes and see what’s inside. Toward the end of our contest, we get the artwork from students at Hillel and Farber day schools — and then it’s time to vote. Always a hard choice!

You’ll get the chance to choose your favorite, too. Head to Chanukah Wonderland at the Orchard Mall Thursday, Dec. 6, to vote for your favorite among the top online vote-getters.

Here are our favorites from this year. Our grand-prize winner gets $100. Everyone else gets $18. Mazel tov to all who entered.

See a related story on the history of the art contest.

Grand Prize-Winner

Ages 10-12

Ages 7-9

Ages 6 and Younger


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