Amy Sedaris “I Like You” Sprinkles
Amy Sedaris “I Like You” Sprinkles

A few of our favorite things from Fishs Eddy.

Lynne Konstantin Arts & Life Editor

Julie Gaines and Dave Lenowitz had just opened a small antiques shop in New York City’s Gramercy Park when they came across an upstate hamlet called Fishs Eddy — and they had their name that proved as charmingly quirky and memorable as the store itself. After striking gold discovering massive stashes of surplus dishes from restaurants, cruise ships and famous hotels — vintage plates from a 1920s steamship, a juice glass from a Jazz Age hotel or a butter dish with the New York skyline — in the abandoned basements and warehouses of the Bowery restaurant district, the shop became a worldwide destination.

Eventually, Fishs Eddy began adding its own equally iconic (and sturdy) designs, inspired by old hotels, roadside coffee shops and long-gone diners, plus collaborations — with Alan Cumming, Todd Oldham, Amy Sedaris, Cleo Wade, West Elm and more.

For more about Fishs Eddy’s history and heart, read Gaines’ new graphic memoir Minding the Store. Here, a few of our favorite things from this little piece of joy.

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