Checkers or draughts on a checker board

Sy Manello
Editorial Assistant

Would you describe yourself as a “player”? Are you GAME to try to analyze what you are saying? Of course! That is why we are going to look at how games influence our conversations.

You may find it DICE-y to invest without an analysis of the investment. It is not good to have a “Let the CHIPS fall where they may” attitude unless you are extraordinarily rich.

There is no need to have a MONOPOLY on common sense, but you must have all your MARBLES before joining any OPERATION. If you have no CLUE, you may experience a SORRY outcome. Always be sure that you are comparing APPLES TO APPLES when making inquiries or you may experience a lot of TROUBLE.

Anyone who tries to bully you into something may seem to have ANTS IN THE PANTS. Nothing to him is TABOO. Before accepting, you may wish to see his approach as BALDERDASH.

Has anyone you know built a better MOUSETRAP? He may have taken a RISK to do so and, if successful, he will find his invention to be a TICKET TO RIDE. Sometimes, however, it proves to be a TRIVIAL PURSUIT.

Dreamers may seem to live in a CANDY LAND. They often have unrealistic views of LIFE. They do not know what is means to SCRABBLE for a living.

UNO event that you would not want to experience is being in a TWISTER. Might you be safer on a BATTLESHIP? Maybe.

Before I GO, let me hope that your life meets with few SNAKES AND LADDERS or any diversion which may seem harmful. But be sure to keep your GAME FACE as you proceed.

Have fun!

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