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Read letters to the editor about anti-Semitism, Poland’s new kosher food pantry and Messianic Judaism

What Spurred Anti-Semitism

Regarding the “What Spurred Anti-Semitism?” letter in the Nov. 22 issue: The “real influence behind the catastrophe that our country has become” is the eight years of the past administration.

That’s the administration that facilitated the Iran Agreement.

It’s the one that gave more than $150 billion in cash to the anti-Israel/Jew hating, genocidal Iranian regime.

It’s the one that bushwhacked Israel every chance it could while endorsing anti-Israel groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Then there are the media that continually stoke the fires of hate.

Women’s March leaders Tamika D Mallory’s and, yes, Linda Sarsour’s anti-Semitic rhetoric are also behind the catastrophe, assisted by NCJW’s Nancy Kaufman and HIAS boss Mark Hetfield who refuse to condemn anti-Semitism.

Bill Clinton sharing the stage with Farrakhan and Sharpton at the Franklin funeral and the abhorrent behavior of the senators from one party at the Kavanaugh hearings have contributed to what our country has become.

It is shameful that most people don’t know who Sarsour is, but there’s no avoiding Farrakhan; and both of their statures are growing with the addition of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to the political picture of one party.

The “glaring omission of the real influence behind the catastrophe that our country has become” is right before us and those of us “immersed in political news and opinion” absolutely know the real culprits.

It is not the current Israel-supporting president of the United States.

Ed Kohl
West Bloomfield

Helping Poland

Thank you for having Stacy Gittleman cover the story of Yad Ezra’s efforts to help start a kosher food pantry in Poland. As president of Yad Ezra’s board of directors, the idea of helping a re-emerging Jewish community was an opportunity that spoke to me directly and one that I felt was very important for our board to consider.

It is estimated that there are 200 Jewish families currently living in and around Warsaw who struggle financially to put kosher food on their tables. The executive committee members and I considered this opportunity and decided to bring it to the attention of the board of directors. After several thoughtful discussions, the board voted unanimously to approve moving forward with the project.

For those who wish to join us in support of this initiative, call Yad Ezra’s office (248) 548-3663 or go to our website: or

Jeffrey Supowit,
Yad Ezra President

You Can’t Have it Both Ways

Regarding Dr. Mark Kinzer’s response to Rabbi Jason Miller. While Dr Kinzer’s comments were articulate and sincere, I would simply submit that if he believes in the virgin birth of Jesus of Nazareth, that Jesus was the son of God, that he died on the cross for humankind’s sins, that he rose from the dead, and that there will be his second coming, then Dr Kinzer is, by all definitions, a Christian!

It seems to me that “Messianic Jews” or “Jews for Jesus” want the best of both worlds: to maintain a semblance of Jewish identity and a belief in Christian doctrine. By doing so, it trivializes, denigrates and is insensitive to both Christianity and Judaism. Ultimately, if one wishes to be considered a Messianic Jew, “truth in advertising” would require admission to actually being a Christian, though embracing Jewish traditions as well. One cannot be a little bit pregnant.

Michael Schulman
Bloomfield Hills