David Silver
David Silver
We at the JN send healing thoughts to David Silver, who was named last year as a 36 Under 36 honoree by the JN and The Well. Silver was in a car accident right before Christmas.

To see a JN story about David and his nonprofit organization Detroit Horse Power, which uses the power of horses to expand opportunities for Detroit’s children, go to https://digital.bentley.umich.edu/djnews/djn.2015.11.12.001/10.

Here is a letter sent from officers of Detroit Horse Power about David Silver and his medical condition.

Dear Detroit Horse Power community,

As many of you know, our Founder and Executive Director, David Silver, was in a car accident the morning of Christmas Eve while traveling from Kentucky to his parents’ home in South Carolina. David suffered injuries to his head and neck and spent the holidays in the hospital. However, he is safe and rapidly on the mend. Moreover, doctors expect him to make a full recovery given patience and time.

Showcasing his penchant for resilience, on January 3rd, David moved out of the ICU to a regular hospital ward. Adding to the good news, he was also cleared to be transferred to a rehab facility. David’s family plans to help him move to a facility in Michigan as early as this week to focus on his recovery. Doctors and nurses have continually commented that his rapid progress thus far is nothing short of remarkable, only strengthening their confidence in his long-term prognosis.

With David’s recovery plan now decided, we are thankful to share such positive news. Until now, we have withheld a larger communication in order to avoid speculation on his recovery timeline. Please know that our Program Director, Yvonne Mejias, and Board President, Cathy LaMont, are in frequent contact with David’s family, receiving updates and sharing the greater DHP Community’s continued well wishes and support. At the request of David’s family, any well wishes may be sent to DHP’s mailing address, above, which will then be forwarded to David in the coming weeks.

Know that Detroit Horse Power’s regularly scheduled programming and plans for 2019 growth are continuing as planned. With DHP’s expanded team of 4 full time staff members (including David) along with the support of our incredible volunteers and board, we have not missed a beat. We will continue working through David’s absence, implementing his vision until he is able to return to once again take the helm of our team.

Thank you for your support during a difficult time and thank you for your patience during a brief lapse in communication. This setback only strengthens our short and long-term resolve; 2019 promises a year filled with growth, opportunity and a larger impact on Detroit’s youth than ever before. Stay tuned for updates on David’s health, our future plans and our programming during the New Year.





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