5 Home Renovations To Budget for in 2019 from Hire It Done

By Adam Helfman

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed the hubbub of the holidays and have settled nicely in to 2019. I have done my research and see what’s in store for the New Year in home improvement trends. And boy are they exciting! Stop fessing and check out the 5 home renovations you’ll want to budget for:

Natural lighting: Homeowners and renters are doing everything they can to upgrade their lights. Not only in search to lower their energy bills but to create the ultimate living space. It’s all about the comfort of natural light and you can achieve this not only in design but the actual bulbs.

No handles: Long gone are the days of using a handle to open something. How caveman! Expect to see a lot of upgrades in kitchens and bathrooms to handleless drawers and doors. That means a simple touch with your elbow or foot can open and close any drawer or door. Added benefit – it’s SO much easier to get rid of the schmutz!

Matte everything: We have seen the fashion industry embrace the matte trend and now it’s time for the home improvement world to catch on. Think matte- finished hardware all over the house and in just about any color you want. Your options are endless.

Smart Home: This should not be a surprise. The further we move up the years, the bigger technology gets. Homeowners crave simplicity and ease and that’s exactly what you are paying for with a smart home. You can connect just about anything up to a smart device including lighting, alarm systems and appliances!  Oy — Alexa, turn off the lights!

Staycation homes: The home improvement investment that keeps giving. Homeowners are spending more in their homes and yards to create the ultimate getaway. Whether that’s renovating their master bedroom and bathroom to reflect a high-end hotel or creating a landscape sanctuary in their backyards.

Whether you decide to update your lighting or create the ultimate staycation home, give your family and your home the attention and love it deserves in 2019.

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