By Danny Raskin, Senior Columnist
By Mike Smith | Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist

Every week, some amazing people work hard to publish your weekly Jewish News. At times, they literally work day and night. But, one fellow, who is about to turn 100 on Jan. 23, is the most amazing of all — Danny Raskin. He has had a column in every issue of the JN since it was first published on March 27, 1942. Every issue!

I went back into the William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History to see if I could find a few choice works from Danny. This is not as easy as it might seem. The search term “Danny Raskin” raises nearly 10,000 pages to choose from. Beginning in 1942, Danny’s first columns were his “Youth’s Listening Post.” He was 23 years old and wrote largely about young Jews fighting in World War II. I especially liked his poem in the Oct. 23, 1942 issue of the JN: “When Hitler’s Goose is Cooked.”

After the war, his weekly “Listening Post” became the place to read about social happenings in Detroit’s Jewish community. In 1964, a second column debuted under his name, the “Best of Everything,” Danny’s reviews of local restaurants. And he continues to review them every week in the JN. Perhaps the real measure of his stardom is that if you want to find his column in the current digital Jewish News, it is listed under a simple term, “Danny,” because we all know who “Danny” is.

In the March 27, 1992, 50th anniversary issue of the JN, Arthur Horwitz, executive editor/publisher of the JN, said: “Danny Raskin continues to be a foundation of this paper. There is probably nobody in this arena who’s been at it for 50 years. This speaks mountains about Danny Raskin and the JN.”

Well, Danny’s now been writing for the JN for more than 76 years and Horwitz’s quote still stands the test of time. Happy Birthday, Danny! Mazel tov!

If you’d like to send him birthday wishes, you can mail him in care of the JN, 27200 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 110, Southfield, MI 48034.

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  1. Happy Birthday Danny. I really miss you. Mazel Tov, and like Elliott Ring said I agree may you live to be 120. Love, Jan Shain

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