By Sandi Matz
By Jennifer-LoPatin

While Women’s March Inc. was established in opposition to President Donald Trump’s views and policies, its leadership has come under scrutiny by many Jewish organizations and LGBTQ groups for its anti-Semitic and its anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

Due to this controversy, the Board of Directors of National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan (NCJW | MI) voted not to participate in its march, which took place across the country on Jan. 19.
While many of the policies of the Women’s March Inc. are in line with the policies of NCJW, the spouting of anti-Semitism by the leaders cannot be overlooked.

The national organization of NCJW is no longer endorsing this march, and many sections of this national organization across the country also chose to pull out of this march for the same reasons.

NCJW | MI will continue to strive for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children and families as well as continuing our work to safeguard individual rights and freedoms, including the right of every person to live safely in a world free from bigotry, hate-speech, racism and intolerance.

Trying to “clean up” its image and reputation of anti-Semitic leadership, Women’s March Inc. has expanded its steering committee to include three Jewish women as well as a transgender woman, a Palestinian Muslim woman and others.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done, and NCJW | MI cannot associate with this group unless it disassociates from a known anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam. Because it has shown no interest in distancing itself from this individual, we will refrain from participating in its marches.

NCJW | MI is at the forefront of many civil rights issues, and our efforts to advocate for every individual, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity will be pursued. We encourage everyone to join us as National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan continues to educate our community on the issues of prejudice and racism.

Sandi Matz and Jennifer LoPatin are co-presidents of National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan.


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