Josh Sklar

Josh Sklar, 27, is a Detroit native who is passionate about the city’s revitalization movement and has played a key role in both its Jewish community and startup ecosystem.

Josh currently leads a team of engineers at StockX, a startup in Detroit he joined as the 20th team member and that now employs more than 500 people. Before StockX, Josh worked at many different startups around Detroit and has immersed himself in the entrepreneurial community.

Josh serves as president of Chabad Young Professionals, Detroit, where he focuses on building a community of Jewish young professionals by hosting events in exclusive and eclectic venues in Detroit.

Prior to living in Detroit, Josh graduated from the University of Michigan, where he was an active member at the Jewish Resource Center. He is one of four siblings and is the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, which has played a large part in creating his deep Jewish roots.

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