Hidden Detroit gem provides authentic Italian dining.

By Danny Raskin, Senior Columnist

There was a time when folks would be told about this restaurant but had difficulty finding it … However, most of the people were persistent enough to continue looking … And are happy they did … With the choice result being their making it a regular must … and no problem finding it anymore.

La Dolce Vita on Woodward, four blocks north of McNichols, between Parkhurst and Cedarhurst, Detroit, is one of those authentic Italian restaurants with continental influences you seldom hear about because those who have been there prefer to keep it to themselves.

This hidden gem that opened in 1995 is noted for so many things, including an excellent Caesar salad that is in a properly rubbed bowl and made at the table, among numerous other fine dining features of culinary excellence … Not to mention the homey old Italian feeling of comfort and its traditional Northern Italian styles of cooking that include items not found on the menu along with its bevy of authentic dishes that also include recent additions.

Enrico Rosselli

Finding La Dolce Vita is not a snap … There is only an LDV sign in front, and its entrance is off an alley in the back … But so many people love a family-run restaurant they will always find it … Enrico and wife Denice Rosselli’s son-in-law-to-be Adam Kojadsulian is La Dolce Vita’s manager … Their daughter Erica has done much there, including hosting and managing … Denise makes many desserts and Enrico is in the kitchen much of the time … A true Italian restaurant like La Dolce Vita contains so much love and dedication.

Seating is for 165 during the winter months and 240 with a beautiful outdoor patio used when weather permits … Friday and Saturday evenings include a piano stylist, and a jazz group plays at Sunday brunch … Hours are Tuesday-Friday lunch 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., dinner 5-10 p.m. … Friday, dinner until 11 p.m., Saturday, 5-11 p.m., Sunday brunch, 11-3.

A restaurant that thrives on its reputation rarely needs its customers to be reminded of the good dining experience it offers … Enrico Rosselli’s La Dolce Vita is definitely one of those restaurants.

DID YOU KNOW DEPT…That Mary Brady, owner with managing partner Sharon Juergens of Diamond Jim Brady’s Bistro in Novi, holds the high distinction of being one of a small number of women who are American Culinary Federation-certified executive chefs? … Mary has won more than 15 medals in food competitions.

MAIL DEPT… From Judith Behrmann … “How I remember the wonderful restaurants of yesteryears. My former husband and I loved going to Laffrey’s, across from Topinka’s on Seven Mile Road. John Laffrey was a wonderful host, and we always enjoyed his variety of steaks and salads with his awesome salad dressing to take home. We had great lunches there with friends and cannot say enough about them. While going to Mumford High, my friends and I loved Fredson’s Delicatessen on Wyoming for its wonderful real chicken soup and corned beef sandwich. The days of real food and adult servers seem to be gone. I relish the good times and food memories. The good old days? For sure!”

REAR VIEW MIRROR … When David and Doreen Hermelin gave a party at their home with Seymour Brode for Israel tennis … All the power went out in their Bingham Farms neighborhood … Gary Cochran, then owner of Beau Jack’s, and David set up about seven or eight barbecue machines that David had rented for a previous party … On them, he and Gary cooked kosher hamburgers galore … When Dave was asked where he got all the barbecue machines without any notice, Dave said that they were rented for another party, but he was sending the company a check to buy them so he could have them on hand just in case an outage ever happened again.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … One morning at breakfast, Harvey turns to his wife and says, “Joyce, listen to me. I don’t want to sound cruel, but your mother has been living with us for 20 years now. Don’t you think it’s about time she got a place of her own?”
Joyce, eating her breakfast, dropped her utensils in shock. “My mother? I thought she was your mother!”

CONGRATS … To Dr. Stuart Kirschenbaum on his birthday.

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