Spencer Lucker, Stephanie Bloom and Cosmo

Strangers and police join search for wandering dog.

By Jennifer Lovy, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Bloom and Spencer Lucker

At the tail end of last week’s polar vortex, Cosmo, a mixed-breed rescue dog, unexpectedly bolted from the West Bloomfield home of Pam and Ken Bloom when a door was opened. The dog’s disappearance led to a well-organized search that extended long into the even colder night. Despite a massive attempt to locate the dog, Cosmo found his own way home nearly 24 hours later.

Pam Bloom was watching the dog last Friday morning for her daughter Stephanie and future son-in-law, Spencer Lucker.

The frantic family immediately began canvassing the area and spreading the word via social media that their 1-year-old Golden Retriever Collie mix was missing.

The family’s Facebook posts were shared more than 3,000 times. Strangers, friends and family joined the search around Maple Road between Drake and Farmington roads. UPS drivers, postal carriers and school bus drivers kept watch for Cosmo as well.

Even the West Bloomfield Police Department participated in the search. A post of the WBPD Facebook page was shared more than 2,000 times and all available officers were sent out to look for the elusive dog. They canvassed the neighborhood and surrounding wetlands and wooded areas.

According to Stephanie, strangers posted comments on Facebook and sent text messages throughout the day and night, asking for updates, offering tips and reporting Cosmo sightings near Maple Road. A few offered prayers to Saint Anthony. One wrote: “We drove around for hours last night looking for him and, even though we have never met you, Cosmo, we’re so thankful you’re home safe!”

One person suggested leaving meat outside to lure the dog home. Pam Bloom happened to have seven packages of kosher hot dogs in the freezer. Once cooked, they left a trail of hot dogs, chicken and cranberry treats spanning about 50 yards to the Bloom’s house, Lucker said.

The family believes the food ultimately brought Cosmo home. On Saturday, just before 6 a.m., Stephanie heard a faint bark outside and opened the door. Just as quickly as Cosmo bolted out the day before, he ran back in; surprisingly unharmed.

Spencer and Stephanie were overcome with gratitude for the countless number of strangers who joined in the search.

“It was very heartwarming to be reminded of all the goodness that does exist in the world,” said Stephanie.

The 52-pound pup was adopted two months ago from a no-kill animal shelter in Little Rock, Ark., where Lucker is from. The couple moved to Detroit from Washington, D.C., three months ago. Little is known about Cosmo’s background except he was found wandering in the Ozark Mountains and taken to the shelter.

“He’s the most gentle, warm and snuggly dog; not the type you’d think would run; but he has separation anxiety and doesn’t like it when we leave him. We’re glad he made it back safe, and we’re so grateful to everyone who helped out,” Lucker said.