Zeesy Silberberg

Since moving from New York 10 years ago, Zeesy Silberberg, 34, co-director with her husband, Rabbi Shneur, of outreach at Tugman Bais Chabad of West Bloomfield, has not stopped moving.

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, this talented rebbetzin raises six children, directs the Jewish Women’s Circle (JWC), a growing network of women who have monthly learning and recreational gatherings.

Her average Shabbat dinner will draw close to 30 people, monthly young adult Shabbat dinners attract about 100. (The crowd favorite is, without a doubt, her sushi salad).

Zeesy runs a mommy-and-me music program, art classes for children, weekly Torah classes for women and is planning a Family Ski Shabbaton.

Zeesy engages thousands of Jews from all walks of life by spearheading Jewish community-wide events including Shofar Factory, Chanukah Wonderland and the Passover Matzah Factory.

Zeesy explains her inner strength this way: “So much of how I react to life’s joys and oys is related to the six sisters I was lucky to grow up with and the seven sisters-in-law I was gifted with upon marriage. We live all over the U.S., but we continue to be a support system for each other. But what helps me do what I do on a community level is, without a doubt, the fabulous women in my shul. They are constantly applauding, encouraging and rolling their sleeves up to get involved with every project we do. I do not take this for granted!”