Bagels on wood

Bagel operation is going strong in West Bloomfield.

By Danny Raskin

It was not well known when first coming to Michigan about three or more years ago at another location, but since opening a second operation in West Bloomfield, Jersey Bagel Deli & Grill has become somewhat of a two-store local chain, so to speak, directly modeled after its eateries in New Jersey, … And silently making much approval waves on 14 Mile Road, south of Farmington Road in West Bloomfield.

Its operating partners, Eddie Daham and Sammy Abdo, moved to Michigan because they have friends and family here and, although strong bagel and deli cultures already exist in this area, they were of the firm belief that its restaurant’s already-proven successful product and business model could be opened here.

Eddie Daham and Sammy Abdo Photo via Jersey Bagel Deli & Grill Facebook

It is unique … making its own deli salads and baked goods in-house from its own original recipes that have been developed over 30 years of experience.

The bagels are hand-rolled, kettle-boiled and baked in a 600-degree oven … Everything is made to order … Hot and cold deli sandwiches, grilled chicken wraps, salads, etc.

Depending upon the season, it has 20 bagel variations, some of which are signature to Jersey Bagel … and the West Bloomfield spot goes through about 15,000 bagels weekly … selling more than 4,000 on Sunday alone, they say … It goes through around 500 pounds of its handmade cream cheese each week, about 150 pounds of hand-sliced lox, 400 pounds of its signature homemade tuna salad, etc.

Everything sold is baked fresh daily on the store’s premises … bagels, muffins, croissants, Danish choices, etc. … Even its noted fruit salad is made fresh every day.

Also, 10 crafted sandwich wraps, including a very popular health wrap … nine hot- pressed panini sandwiches … 10 specialty hot and cold sandwiches from Reubens to chicken salad to triple deckers, omelets, French toast, pancakes, etc. … plus snacks, side dishes and beverages.

Photo via Jersey Bagel Deli & Grill Facebook

The restaurant seats 36 … and is open seven days, Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When the West Bloomfield Jersey Bagel Deli & Grill opened in November 2015, there was much apprehension about its staying power, but after high approval caught on, it has been going strong … with much acceptance.

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THERE IS MORE than one style of Cantonese lobster … You may like the delicious one that owner Cholada Chan has her kitchen prepare for numerous folks, including myself, at her Shangri-La eatery in West Bloomfield’s Orchard Mall, Orchard Lake Road and Maple … To be sure, you might want to call ahead to be certain that Cholada is there to assist you … If not, ask server Way Yu Yee (Wy You) for the kind that I enjoy.

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