Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner

A new Democratic majority on the board of commissioners could help his chances.

By Keri Guten Cohen, Story Development Editor

Featured photo courtesy of Andy Meisner

Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner of Huntington Woods says he will officially announce Tuesday morning that he will run for Oakland County Executive, a position held by L. Brooks Patterson, 80, a Republican who has held the office for more than 24 years.

Meisner, a Democrat, says, “As County Treasurer, I see challenges facing Oakland County as we embark on our 200th year that require us to shift out of reverse and into high gear.

“On Day 1 as our next Oakland County Executive, I will achieve immediate, measurable results toward embracing transit, Detroit and diversity, and [with] my ‘Equity for Oakland County Agenda.’

“My ‘Equity for Oakland County Agenda’ and my approach to public service draws on my faith as a Jewish person, including the value of education and desire to heal the breach in the world, as we are commanded to do,” he said. “It’s what led me to help more than 24,000 Oakland County families prevent tax foreclosure as treasurer.”

Meisner, his wife, Sara, and their sons, Asher and Levi, attend the Woodward Avenue Shul and visit many other congregations throughout Metro Detroit. “Shabbat dinner Friday night is a prominent part of our weekly routine, and our Jewish identity is central to who we are as a family,” Meisner said.

According to a statement from Meisner, as treasurer, he sued mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a first-in-the-nation lawsuit to hold them accountable to Oakland County taxpayers. Prior to serving as treasurer, Meisner was state representative for Ferndale, Oak Park, Hazel Park, Pleasant Ridge, Berkley and Huntington Woods, best known for his work with stem cell research, the movie tax credit and mental health reform policy.

Meisner started his political career as an aide to Congressman Sander Levin in Washington, D.C., working on gun violence prevention, criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform and mental health policy. He was first elected treasurer in 2008. He has a law degree from University of Detroit-Mercy and undergrad from University of Michigan.

The general election will be in November 2020. In last November’s election, the 21-member Oakland County Board of Commissioners lost its Republican majority to Democrats, effective Jan. 1, an advantage the Republicans have had for four decades, according to a Detroit Free Press story from earlier this year.



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