Ricki Friedman

The DJN talks “breaking” the weight in your life with life coach, motivational speaker, and founder of BREAK the Weight, Ricki Friedman.

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By Allison Jacobs

1. BREAK the Weight was born when your best friend approached you to help her lose 150+ lbs. What were some key takeaways for you during that journey?

We started this project when I was 23 years old. At that time, I was so focused on only what the physical aspect of what “weight” meant, but quickly learned that it was so much more. We turned our little project into a blog and allowed others to see what it is really like to change your life.

For 290 days, we invited people to read about the real stuff, not just the before and after of her transformation. We wrote about the tough aspects of weight loss and shared about grief, depression, and aspects of our lives that “weighed” us down. She lost 100 pounds physically, and I lost 100 pounds emotionally. As I coached her, she started to feel better, but so did I. It redefined everything for me because it helped me see that we all have heaviness to “break” through — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2. Tell us about your current BREAKER method that targets both physical and emotional health.

The BREAKER method is an eight-week program that helps people create simple and sustainable change by following a daily system they can use forever. I believe that if you don’t do the work emotionally, you will never truly feel good physically. It’s not just about changing the habits – it’s about understanding what has been weighing on you. We explore what happens when you’re sad and what you tend to do when feeling unmotivated. This is what people struggle with, which is why we need simple coping skills to work through those emotions.

I have recently changed my business model from one-on-one coaching to group coaching so clients can receive support from others who are also in the program. My goal for the BREAKER program is to help people apply positive coping skills so they can re-program the way they eat, think and move when it comes to their daily habits.

3. What are the major components of the BREAKER program and how do people sign up?

The main components are accountability, support and the simple daily system. I have eight weeks of content (videos and feedback) that helps clients learn how to shift their mindset and build healthier habits. You can email me at ​info@Breaktheweight.com​ or simply visit my website to learn more (breaktheweight.com).

4. Since you’re focusing a great deal of time on helping others, what are some key things you do to decompress?

I am very good at taking care of myself and finding the time to relax. I am a “go, go, go” type of person but that’s how I thrive. I am better that way — better busy, better moving and better when around people. I need that accountability. But when life feels heavy or too much, I make sure I am following the BREAKER method, seeing family and friends and going out dancing. Sometimes it just means sitting in bed at 7:30 p.m. and doing things that require little thought, like watching Grey’s Anatomy because I don’t own a TV and it’s the only show I watch. I know, right? Send help!

5. Your business seems to have transformed over time as you continue to inspire people. What else are you delving into now?

I’ve been doing BREAK the Weight for six years and there have been so many twists and turns. 2018 was the year I decided public speaking is where my heart and passion lives. I love impacting people by sharing what I’ve learned or providing simple ways for them to transform their lives the way I’ve changed mine. I feel an obligation to help the youth and make sure they are growing up with positive coping skills. That’s a huge thing for me. But really, I love talking to all kinds of groups.  I feel happiest in front of large groups speaking and hopefully, providing them an experience that leaves them feeling inspired. It goes perfectly with my company, BREAK the Weight, because I’m truly speaking on the weight in our lives and offering them programs after I finish talking.

6. Since returning from Colorado to Detroit, what do you love most about being back home?

Well to be honest, I moved back here originally not for myself, but I ended up staying for me. I miss Colorado because the lifestyle out there suited me, and I have a few really close girlfriends who I miss a lot. But being back has been a game-changer for my career. It has allowed me to build a community, use my connections and officially hire people to help me grow my brand – I think that has been the best part because that was a huge missing piece for me in terms of business and even in my personal life. But I won’t lie, sometimes I wish I could just live the Colorado lifestyle and do everything I’m doing at the same time, but it’s okay because the truth is, I’ve never been more focused or certain of the path I’m on. So you know, it’s a give and take.


Ricki Friedman, 31, of Detroit is a life coach, motivational speaker and owner/founder of BREAK the Weight, a company that helps people “break” through the heaviness in their lives – physically, mentally and emotionally. She created a simple way for people to change their lifestyle through the BREAKER program by teaching individuals how to implement positive, easy and sustainable ways to build happier and healthier lives. In addition to building a company and coaching, she is a professional speaker who talks to groups of all ages, teaching people to step into their strength and happiness one positive coping skill at a time.