Frankel Jewish Academy robotics team in Israel: Aidan Keenan, Elisha Cooper, Henry Tukel and Jack Harris.
Frankel Jewish Academy robotics team in Israel: Aidan Keenan, Elisha Cooper, Henry Tukel and Jack Harris.

FJA Students Win Israeli Robotraffic Competition

FJA students win big at Israeli robotics competition with their fuel injector designed by 3D CAD; other team members place as well.

By Keri Cohen

Featured photo courtesy FJA

Frankel Jewish Academy (FJA) students competed for the second year in the Nadav Shoham Robotraffic Competition at the Technion University in Haifa, Israel. This year’s competition fosters robotics education, traffic safety and learning correct driving behavior.

The FJA team received first place for its 3D CAD design of a fuel injector, which an expert judge called “professional quality.” The team is led by Elisha Cooper and Henry Tukel (FJA ’21) with support from STEAM Lab Director Simon Pinter (FJA ’06). A second trophy was awarded to the team for overall excellence.

Of the 25 teams competing, FJA placed fifth in the Innovation Presentation on a braking alert system. The goal was to reduce rear-end collisions by making the brake lights more noticeable and flash faster in relation to harder/emergency braking to warn distracted drivers behind the stopping car. The team also collaborated on the written safety test, which was presented by Jack Harris (FJA ’21), commendably placing sixth, despite working with unfamiliar Israeli and EU traffic laws and signage.

FJA’s robotic car, nicknamed “The FJA Autonomous Jaguar,” was completely torn down the car to its chassis and pieced electronically back together just a few weeks before the competition by Aidan Keenan (FJA ’20) and last year’s team member and special adviser Jonah Weinbaum (FJA ’19). They wrote the controlling code and algorithms from scratch. The car performed well and, while it did not place in the competition, the students learned an incredible amount to improve for future competitions.


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  1. Elliott Ring on 03/15/2019 9:00 PM at 9:00 pm

    Mazel tov to FJA Robotics

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