One of the dogs seized from the West Bloomfield rental property

10 more dogs have been rescued from the home next to the Aaron Moishe Cemetery garage where 33 dogs were rescued.

By Stacy Gittleman

Featured photo Courtesy Oakland County Animal Control Pet & Adoption Center

The number of dogs found at the Aaron Moishe Cemetery in Roseville , also known as Beth Ahm Park, has grown by 10, as authorities removed more animals from the home next door to the cemetery garage where 33 dogs were found March 16. The home was owned by a 51-year-old woman who said she was running an animal rescue.

Rabbi Boruch Levin, executive director of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, which cares for the cemetery, said it was a good deed of the cemetery foreman that led to the dogs being on the cemetery property. The foreman told Levin he was doing a favor for the woman who lived next to the garage. Apparently, the roof of the shelter where she had been keeping the dogs had collapsed and the 33 dogs had nowhere else to go.

Levin said the foreman did not notify him that he was taking the dogs into the garage, which the rabbi said was spacious, clean and warm, because the incident occurred over the Sabbath.

The foreman’s friend had brought space heaters and food and blankets to the garage for the dogs, who spent about 36 hours there. Authorities determined the dogs were being held in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions and were in need of immediate attention. They were taken to a local animal shelter.

Levin said the Roseville police did not issue any citations against the cemetery or the foreman. Levin added that the foreman had a kind heart and there will be no consequences for him taking in the dogs.

Roseville Deputy Police Chief Donald Glandon said in a statement that the woman, whose name has not yet been released to media, will be issued a citation under a Roseville city ordinance concerning unlicensed kennels. The charge is a misdemeanor, Glandon said.

Criminal charges could be filed in Oakland County, where authorities seized another nine dogs from the woman’s West Bloomfield rental property, if authorities believe the dogs were abused or neglected, but none has been filed yet.

This is an update from the March 19 story: Dozens of Dogs Found at Jewish Cemetery