Peretz Hirshbein, director of child and family services at the JCC in Ann Arbor, informed parents yesterday that there was no measles outbreak after all.

“I just received a call from the county health department giving me the news that the child who tested positive for measles did NOT have measles,” he wrote. “The virus sample was subjected to genotyping, and the genetic material was determined to be a match to that of the vaccine, NOT the wild virus. This means that the child had a vaccine reaction that resembled measles symptoms, and did not in fact have measles.”

The MMR vaccine contains a weakened live virus that cannot cause measles but can result in positive lab tests. Experts note that reactions to vaccines can sometimes resemble the disease itself, but cannot result in transmission of the disease, since the disease itself is not present.

What this means, Hirshbein wrote, “There was no measles exposure in the building, so none of our children need to be isolated. We look forward to seeing our babies back as soon as tomorrow.

“While this was a false alarm, I am grateful for the zealous protection of the public’s health by our county health department,” he continued. “We completely understand the immediate response and need to act swiftly given the information available at the time. Had this been a true case of measles, waiting to act until genotyping could have been disastrous.”

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) issued a released reducing the statewide count of measles for 2019 to 39, eliminating the child in Ann Arbor and another child in Oakland County, who also had a reaction to the vaccine.  Thirty-nine cases have been confirmed as measles.

These previously identified sites are no longer considered exposure locations at this time, according to MDHHS:
o Jewish Community Center of Ann Arbor
o Olive Garden restaurant in Ann Arbor
o Liberty Athletic Club in Ann Arbor
o Beaumont Royal Oak Emergency Department
o Green Garden Child Development Center


  1. BULL. It absolutely can cause the measles and that’s exactly what it did. Stop blindly following like mindless sheep and do your own research!

  2. It’s the same situation with the oral polio vaccines in Africa. When they cause polio it is not diagnosed as polio, but as many other illnesses such as Guillain Barre, acid flaccid paralyses etc.

  3. My son got vaccine strain measles it was horrible. He got kawasaki disease along with it as some form of his body fighting the toxic adjuvants in the vaccine. Attacked his entire heart. Vaccine strain measles sheds in URINE for 30 days. Merck just recently had its MMR patent expire so they have product to move. This company is so corrupt I can see them doing whatever . They are using these scare tactics to take away bodily sovereignty rights and it is coming at the hands of the DEMS. Retain your weapons and never inject your child with anything made by corporate criminals who have ZERO liability for their dirty products.

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