The French-influenced Bistro 82 is still drawing new customers.

By Danny Raskin

When a restaurant is still drawing new faces going into its fifth year, you know that it must have been doing something right … Five years in the dining business is considered by many as the coveted amount of time agreed upon and ultimate emblem of its success.

Bistro 82, owned by Aaron F. Belen on the southeast corner of Lafayette and Fourth, Royal Oak, has reached that pinnacle in celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Noted, among other items, for its excellent taste stylings of French onion soup dumpling appetizers … plus steak frites, free range organic brick chicken, salmon succotash, roasted mushrooms, an excellent filet, etc., among many choice menu selections that include numerous French influences … Bistro 82 is seeing both new and old customers … Its dedication to the ultimate in elegant cuisine has never wavered in those five years.

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Much credit must go to Executive Chef Derik Watson, whose pan-roasted cobia and beignets, among numerous new dishes like Scallops Carpaccio, pasta Bolognese and Seafood Melange, etc., are highly received.

Doing its own baking from start to finish, including breads and pastries, gives Bistro 82 added touches of choice … As do the intimacy and style of an interior photographer based in France whose works are well noted.

Seating at Bistro 82 numbers 163, with 18 stools at its bar … Hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 4-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 4-11 p.m., Sunday, 4-9 p.m.

To celebrate a successful fifth anniversary with so dedicated a degree of well-noted dining consistency is something to be proud of … To see the smiles of constantly returning guests is a blessing … Aaron F. Belen and his staff are seeing them all.

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THINGS PEOPLE HATE and love … They rarely go back to restaurants too dark to read the menu … And they love servers who flash that little flashlight in helping customers scan the bill of fare.

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BIG FARCE IS THAT any woman who throws a successful dinner party or man who can grill many steaks to perfection on a barbecue grill have all the necessary talents to open a restaurant … The restaurant business has many sides to it and cooking is just a part of it … Ask the man or woman who owns one … or did.

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CONGRATS … To Betty Ellias on her birthday … To Elizabeth Applebaum on her birthday … To Marvin Chessler on his birthday … To Irving Waldman on his 29th birthday.

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