GMA Dancing Nana and family

96-year-old Shirley Goodman, also known as “Dancing Nana,” demonstrates “The Tush Push” and tap dances in front of millions of viewers on Good Morning America.

By Allison Jacobs

A (Jewish) star was born this past week, yet her family and friends have been in awe of her dancing skills for their entire lives. 96-year-old Shirley Goodman is now making headlines after her grandson Todd Goodman posted a video of her on Facebook doing her famous “Tush Push” dance at her great-nephew’s wedding.

Since the video went viral, Goodman has been coined the “Dancing Nana.” Her video received millions of views, even attracting the attention of celebrities like Bruno Mars. Goodman was then invited to perform on Good Morning America on Thursday, impressing Robin Roberts with her signature moves.


Miriam Horwitz of Metro Detroit was among several family members who made it on Good Morning America to support her grandmother’s  TV debut.

“My Nana taught me to dance as soon as I could walk,” Horwitz says. “A love of music and dance has been a huge part of my life.”

Goodman has been dancing herself since she was young. Born and raised in Troy, New York, her father was a Vaudeville performer and also owned a candy shop.

Shirley Goodman doing the “Tush Push” at Miriam and Dan Horwitz’s wedding Courtesy of Miriam Horwitz


Tap dancing has always been her specialty. She has been a dance teacher since childhood, rounding up neighborhood girls in her living room by the dozen. She went on to open her own dance studio after high school, and currently teaches dance to seniors a few times a week at senior centers, synagogues and churches.

Goodman currently donates a portion of her class fees to The Hunger Project, a non-profit dedicated to ending hunger around the world.

She was married to Alfred Goodman for over 50 years and has four children, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren (plus baby Horwitz on the way).

“She has a zest for life that inspires everyone around her and a humor everyone appreciates,” Horwitz says. “Age is just a number and she proves that every day.”