Senior residents at Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living offer career and love advice for younger generations.

By Cassie Kunze

Photos courtesy of Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living

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Seniors are repositories of wisdom, and rising generations can learn a thing or two from those who have been down the same road.

When asked “what would you tell your younger self,” residents of the Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living, a locally owned and operated community for affordable senior residential care, were eager to share morsels of wisdom and heartwarming pieces of advice.

Clara S., 93

Civilian computer tech with the U.S. Army

“Continue to be kind to people, especially people who have different situations. A smile can mean a million words. Hold out your hand. Other people have their situations, some worse.  Be kind.”
Farmington Hills Inn
Clara S. current
Farmington Hills Inn
Clara S. at a younger age


Richard W., 84

Advertising executive at 3M

“Buy more stock! Invest wisely. Every month put something away. Use the New York Stock Exchange.”
Farmington Hills Inn
Richard W. current
Farmington Hills Inn
Richard W. at a younger age

Timothy T., 70

Spray painter and inspector at Ford Motor Company

“Don’t be so afraid. I was afraid of the world. I didn’t want relationships. I wish I would have told myself to not be that way.”
Farmington Hills Inn
Timothy T. current
Farmington Hills Inn
Timothy T. at a younger age

Paul L., 73

Art teacher at Cass Technical High School

“Wait to get married! I was 35 when I married my wife, and we had a splendid life!”
Farmington Hills Inn
Paul L. current
Farmington Hills Inn
Paul L. and his wife at a younger age

Jane G., 84

Financial analyst

“Don’t give up hope, and don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Be persistent. Think about what you want to do with your life and do what it takes to get there. When you can do something for someone else, it’s good for your soul.”
Farmington Hills Inn
Jane G. current


Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Whether for yourself or a loved one, choosing an assisted living community is a personal decision with several factors to carefully consider. Assisted living communities bridge the gap between independent living and skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes.

Licensed by the state of Michigan as a Home for the Aged, Farmington Hills Inn understands how important it is for families to make the right choice to assure the comfort, security and well-being of someone they love. “We have helped hundreds of families do exactly that throughout our 35 years of providing superior assisted living,” says Terri Farrugia, admission director at Farmington Hills Inn.

Aside from traditional assisted living, Farmington Hills Inn offers a “Reflections Unit” that provides specialized service in a secured environment for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory decline.

Farmington Hills Inn shares five key tips to keep in mind when making the transition from independent to assisted living.

  1. Engaging your loved one and being his or her partner in the decision to move will make the choice easier.
  2. Consider whichbelongings your loved one will take with them. Make the most important ones work in the new setting.
  3. Make sure your loved one has his or her legal affairs in order before moving into the assisted living community.
  4. Family communication is key! Arrange conference calls or have face-to-face meetings with everyone involved.
  5. Choose a community that willingly works with you to ensure your loved one is comfortable and that his or her needs are met.

Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living

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Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living accepts long-term care insurance; veteran benefits may apply. 


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