Michigan Israel Business Accelerator readies launch of innovative new tech startup web platform, startupmichigan.tech.

By Jackie Headapohl

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator (MIBA), capitalizing on its close ties to Israel, the “Startup Nation,” is bringing a free web platform to Michigan, the first state in the country (and only third location in the world) to get the technology.

The web platform, called startupmichigan.tech, is created by Israel’s Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), an independent nonprofit that builds bridges to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

Through Start-Up Nation Finder, SNC’s original innovation discovery platform, the organization maps the Israeli innovation ecosystem in real time, tracking more than 6,000 innovative companies tagged into sectors with each one having its own profile page, as well as hundreds of investors, hubs, accelerators, universities and research centers, tech communities and multinational corporations currently active in Israel.

SNC only licenses the technology to places that have a “critical mass of technical innovation,” said Mark Davidoff, Michigan managing partner, Deloitte LLP, and chairman of the MIBA Board.

The MIBA’s startupmichigan.tech is poised to be a tipping point for the state’s startup ecosystem. The platform’s database, which continues to develop, currently features pages on more than 335 startups. Information on 25 investors, 27 hubs and more are included on the portal as well.

The advanced search option allows users to filter startups by business model, funding stage, location, product stage and more. Results can be saved to the user’s personal collection or exported. Users can also contact companies they are interested in through the startupmichigan.tech web platform and request introductions.

“No one has ever before had a one-stop view of the entire innovation ecosystem of Michigan,” Davidoff said. “Now anyone in the world can log on to this tool and see what’s going on in Michigan. It’s a gamechanger in Michigan’s ability to sell itself as a high-tech hub.”

The platform will launch later this month at private event to celebrate Michigan’s innovation ecosystem at the Shinola Hotel in Detroit. Michigan startups will have an opportunity to claim their profile pages when they attend the “by invitation only” event.

“MIBA will maintain the database for accuracy, timeliness and accessibility, which makes it a highly valuable go-to resource,” said Bernard Bourgeois, senior analyst at MIBA. “This web platform provides a clean interface with a statewide focus. Startupmichigan.tech will be the conduit for meaningful introductions between startups and investors.”

The web platform received funding from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), William Davidson Foundation, Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, the Paul E. Singer Foundation and the New Economy Initiative.

Chris Rizik, CEO and fund manager of Renaissance Venture Capital in Ann Arbor, said, “The ability to edit our own page without going through an intermediary is significant because things are changing all the time. We often work with investors from outside the state and try to introduce them to Michigan startup companies. But there has never before been a single resource that included the relevant startup business and fundraising information that startupmichigan.tech has. The central resource provides strong tangible value that will be a great help to the startup community in Michigan.”

“Startups are key to driving Michigan’s new economy,” Davidoff said. “The launch of the startupmichigan.tech database will be a game-changer for Michigan and MIBA is proud to be the power fueling the effort.”



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