The DJN chats with Sari Diskin about her journey to becoming a holistic health coach and creating her own business, Eat Well with Sari.

By Allison Jacobs

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1. It sounds like you’ve found your dream job! What led you to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach and wellness blogger?

I have always been very creative and had a passion for health and wellness. It just took some time and some “chance taking” to end up where I am today. My education and work experience before starting my own business was in advertising. I loved it — I learned a ton and it really allowed me create the business I have today. Once I moved to Detroit from Toronto, I ended up in a job that just was not for me. The situation forced me to really evaluate what I love and what I truly wanted to do. Soon after that I started the blog and enrolled to get my Health Coaching Certification. I told myself I would give it a year to see if I could make it work — that was two years ago! I have been doing it ever since and love every single day of it.

2. You have 24.1k Instagram followers on @eatwellwithsari (and counting)! How has this platform helped you grow your brand?

Instagram is and will continue to be a huge part of my business. It has given me a creative outlet to share my recipes and healthy lifestyle. It also provided the ability to truly foster a community. I love connecting with friends and followers on the platform — it’s my favorite part! Instagram is really the hub of where my business comes from, both with brand partnerships and clients alike. It has given me a voice to express the @eatwellwithsari brand message and I am so grateful for it.

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3. Has there been any feedback you’ve received from a client or fan that inspired you?

My online community and clients inspire me every single day. Every like, comment and direct message inspires me to keep doing what I am doing! I know I am impacting people and inspiring them to do little things each day to improve and value their health and well-being. To me, that is the ultimate goal!

4. What is a common misconception about nutrition or fitness that you hear often?

I often hear people talk about things they need to remove from their diet or routine in order to be healthy. I personally believe that switching your mindset to what you can add to your life is such a healthier place to start. What better foods can you start to incorporate? What new workout can you try? What act of self-care can you implement to make today a little less stressful? The mentality of needing to remove, limit and restrict in order to live healthy usually ends up being unsustainable. I like to keep it positive!

5. Rumor has it you’re moving to Chicago — what’s next for you?

Yes! My husband, Jacob, is graduating medical school and we are moving to Chicago for one year for his intern year of residency. After that, we are back in Detroit for his Ophthalmology residency at the Kresge Eye Institute. We so thrilled that we get to live in a city like Chicago for the year! I know it will open up a lot of doors for me personally and professionally and I cannot wait.

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6. What are your favorite go-to snacks?

I am all about real food snacks! I love hard boiled eggs, fruit and nut butter, raw nuts, or a clean bar option. There are tons! I focus on making sure my snack will actually be satisfying instead of something very sugary that will have me craving even more. Click to view Sari’s banana bread muffin recipe.

Sari Diskin is a Detroit-based wellness blogger, recipe developer and certified holistic health coach. She is the blogger behind and @eatwellwithsari. Her mission is to help others discover the tools to live their best life — through food and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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